Spiceworks - Work in Action


I happened to be testing a ticketing and resource monitoring application called Spiceworks, and something caught my eye in their Spiceworks TV module. Seems like they are using my "Technician 1" illustration as their icon for their IT Comedy Channel over there. It's always fun to accidentially stumble across one of your illustrations in use somewhere unexpected like this.

Bookcase Project - Part One

Book Case Original

Twelve years ago I built my entertainment center, a couple of tables, and the bookcase you see above. All of them were created in the same style and finish and they were all I needed in my living room back then. When I moved into my new house I realized it would make more sense to have matching bookcases on the left and right side of my entertainment center.

Makeovers Continue

Bedroom 2

Just finished up redoing my last two bedrooms. Which is pretty much how I spent all weekend. The room above when I first moved into my home was decorated in kind of an undersea world view with fish and seaweed all over the wall. After I stripped everything out it looked like it did below.

Bedroom Makeover

Bedroom Makeover

This weekend to took some time to make over my bedroom like you see it above. New paint job, all new metal, curtains, fan, and everything.

Esquire and Me

Esquire Crying Baby

Well. Not really me, but Esquire on-line did use one of my illustrations "Crying Baby" (the one you see above) in one of their pieces. This one is on Funny New Years Resolutions. It shows up in their number 6 entry for the article.

English Ivy Removal Project

Vines 1

So, my backyard privacy fence is not in the best shape and I was looking to repair or repalce it, or at the bare minimum reseal it. The problem was that it was also largely covered in English Ivy. So I stripped most of the ivy off from the front and the back and realized that it had taken over all of the area behind the fence. It appears at some time in the past one of the previous owners had planted English Garden and tried to cover just the fence with ivy; But instead the ivy grew down hill and just covered everything in it's path and killed off pretty much all of the garden.

Friday Blues

Meestings Suck

The sun is out, the temps are great. All in all it's a beautiful day.. and I have way too many meetings today. There needs to be a Federal law that limits the number of meetings that can be held on Fridays.

Personal Business Cards

Personal Business Cards

So I finally have all of my new business cards for this year, including my new iStockphoto cards and my Zazzle Pro-Seller cards. Just some of the benefits of working with the two companies. This year the theme of my business cards is "Creepy Kids."

Grandpa George - Freelance

Grandpa George

Every once in awhile someone offers to buy up the license of one of my stock images to take over the ownership of the design. This is the case with Grandpa George, or Grandpa's. The little grey haired old guy was the illustration in question. This little guy is used on their website, and their marketing materials.


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