Chair Stripping Project

Chair 1

Sometimes you need to do something and you just keep putting it off until the right time. A couple of years ago I purchased the chair you see above from an Amish second hand furniture store. If I remember right I think I dropped about five dollars on it. The plan for the chair was to be a clothing catch in my bedroom. Which it has been used for, but it really was in no condition to be a presentable piece of furniture.

Where's My Stuff?

So, I ordered something the other day and it was scheduled to be delivered two days later. I received notice it was delayed from some odd reason; fortunately it wasn't anything which mattered all that much, but thanks to UPS tracking page it was easy to see why it didn't arrive on time. Amusingly it hit the same distribution center twice, and went to two other states that in no way should have been part of the journey to my house:

My Most Recent Scam E-mail

The latest 419 Scam E-mail I received. It looks like they are moving their story from Nigeria to Egypt:

Good Day To You, My Name Is Mrs Anas Ezz, I am The Wife Of Former Egyptian   Information Minister And State Broadcasting Chief Of  The Depuse  President Hosni Mubarak, I am Seeking Your Help To Assist Me In Securing A Deposite Which My Husband Who is Also The Owner Of Ezz Steel and Ezz Groupe have With A Bank In Cotonou Benin Republic  In West Africa Which Is In Amount Of, ( Nine Million Dollars).
Since The Fall Of This Gorverment, i have been Under House Arrest with My Kids  And All My Husbands Business And Family  Accounts Has Been Confistigated By This New Gorverment As We Are  not Allowed To Move Out Or Travell Out From My Country Untill Everything is Calm, But This Above Fund Which My Husband Told Me Before He Went Into Prison No One Knows About it and it is the future of Our family.

Migration Completed (sort of)

Shocking Job

Last night I migrated from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 to provide better stability and accessibility. I will be tweaking it more down the road, but all of the articles and postings are now available. I did not migrate any of the user accounts because very few were actually used on the previous iteration. So if you want to have an account on the site, you will need to create a new one.

Surreality Watch


I was just informed my "Will Kill For Coffee" Angry Bunny poster was featured over on the Surreality Watch blog. It's always nice to see when other people appreciate your work; and I am grateful they did so and let me know about it.


Looks like the website has purchased a few of my images, and have been using them over on their site. Including the image you see above used in their article on Passover. The original image in this case was my "Boy in Love" image.

Cable TV Distribution Center

Cable TV Setup Old

Certain parts of my house I set up a temporary configuration, with a plan to upgrade or update it down the road. My cable TV distribution area is one of those items. As you can see above, the cable is ran everywhere that it needs it to go, but it looks like science experiment that is not meant to actually work.

New Fridge

Old Fridge 1

So when I moved into my house I had a plan to change out my appliances with stainless steel ones. Knowing this would update the look and feel whole kitchen, and tie into all of my previous updates, and fit into my standardization of metals throughout the house.

Friday night my old refrigerator decided to help me out and go bad. It let me know this by leaving a nice big puddle on my kitchen floor. So a quick run to four or five different stores and I found one that not only fit into my opening, I liked the way that it looked, it had all of the features I was looking for, and incredibly it was also on sale for $250 off. So it made it easy to opt for the extended warranty. The down side was that it couldn't be delivered until Monday. So basically everything in my freezer was a write-off, but that is the way the cookie crumbles.

Gearing Up for this Year

Master Bedroom Fan

Right now I'm gearing up for this year's home improvement projects. This weekend I got a jump start by replacing the fan in my master bedroom with a little more modern looking one. The antique cherry blades on the fan go perfectly with the furniture I already have in the room, and I like the look and feel of the unit. It is by far the heaviest ceiling fan I've ever installed; (This baby weighed in at over 23 pounds) and it goes with my transition of changing the metals from random, to a nickel and stainless steel throughout the house.

The Man Cave Forum

The Man Cave Forum

So my latest freelance job, for The Man Cave Forum which I finished up the other day, is now visible over on their web site. For them I created the three cavemen you see above and on their site, and each one is based one the hosts of the pod-casts.


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