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My Most Recent Scam E-mail

The latest 419 Scam E-mail I received. It looks like they are moving their story from Nigeria to Egypt:

Good Day To You, My Name Is Mrs Anas Ezz, I am The Wife Of Former Egyptian   Information Minister And State Broadcasting Chief Of  The Depuse  President Hosni Mubarak, I am Seeking Your Help To Assist Me In Securing A Deposite Which My Husband Who is Also The Owner Of Ezz Steel and Ezz Groupe have With A Bank In Cotonou Benin Republic  In West Africa Which Is In Amount Of, ( Nine Million Dollars).
Since The Fall Of This Gorverment, i have been Under House Arrest with My Kids  And All My Husbands Business And Family  Accounts Has Been Confistigated By This New Gorverment As We Are  not Allowed To Move Out Or Travell Out From My Country Untill Everything is Calm, But This Above Fund Which My Husband Told Me Before He Went Into Prison No One Knows About it and it is the future of Our family.

Migration Completed (sort of)

Shocking Job

Last night I migrated from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 to provide better stability and accessibility. I will be tweaking it more down the road, but all of the articles and postings are now available. I did not migrate any of the user accounts because very few were actually used on the previous iteration. So if you want to have an account on the site, you will need to create a new one.

If You Died Today

Goofy Grim Reaper

I hear so many people talk about regrets and would a, could a, should a moments in their lives. What is odd about the times where I hear these regrets mentioned, they are normally around times of little importance in the scheme of things. Such as "You didn't order the large piece of pie? You are going to regret that later." Or, "You didn't download the latest album on the day that it came out, you are going to regret that." Or "I really regret not going to the party last night, everybody was there."

When you are laying on your deathbed, these will probably not be moments you will look back upon with regret. In fact these will be moments you probably will not remember next week, or next year. In fact there are very few things like that you will ever really look back on with regret. Although it would be amusing to hear. "In my life, my greatest regret was not buying that silk tie I saw on sale that one day back in 2010.. gasp.. sigh."

But what about the things you will actually regret? I was thinking about this the other day when I heard a Doctor on TV talking about different ways to treat depression and other stress related illnesses. What they never discussed was making small changes, everything revolved around medications and therapy. Which made me think "why am I happy and they are not, it cannot always be a physiological issue." Then it hit me. I have tried to live my life without acquiring regrets. Don't get me wrong, I have missed out on things in my life, but what I mean is the things I can control. Let me give you some ideas of what I mean.

It's All Someone Else's Fault!

Flat Broke

So whether or not I think the government is doing a good job is beside the point. What amazes me most is the number of people, and groups, who are blaming them for the things they themselves have caused. The thing that is irritating me the most right now is the number of the people who are blaming the government for all of their personal financial problems.

I'm not saying that nobody is having financial difficulties as a direct result decisions made by the government. For a number of people who are unemployed right now it can or will result in financial turmoil; but those are not the people I am talking about.

Don't Ask, Don't Tell


Twenty-eight years ago I joined the Navy right out of high school. When I joined, the last three questions you were asked before you signed on the dotted line where as follows:

PMG Scam - Revisited.


It's time once again for the PMG Scammers to make their way to college campuses everywhere. What is PMG you ask? Well, that is a really good question. Mainly because they change their name almost as quickly as they cash the checks of the people that they are scamming. (Actually now they are taking credit cards instead of checks to speed things up)PMG stands for "Professional Marketing Group", "Professional Mentoring Group", "PMG Mentors", "Private Mentoring Group", "Vermotion", "Sercure Gate" and the ever popular "College Pro Painters", "PMG Painters", "Campus Pro Painters."

Dr Williams?

Just happened: A guy walked in my office with a small box and says:
Guy: Can I leave this here for Dr Williams?
Me: I don't know Dr Williams.
Guy: For Doc-tor-Will-iams
Me: I don't know Dr Williams
Guy: He's a professor.
Me: I don't know him.
Guy: Dr Williams.
Me: No, I don't know him.
Guy: Are you sure?
Me: Never heard of him.
Guy: I thought this was his office?
Me: No, but it is my office.
Guy looks at the name on the door.
Guy: Do you know where Dr Williams office is?

Mac, PC, They both suck.

So between re-uploading 600 graphic files and their previews (I have about 275 left to go) on iStock, the need to post something to make me laugh; here is a video post based on a link sent to me by one of my co-workers. Basically it is a Mac vs PC parody done in the style of South Park making fun of both platforms; I like how they both crash by the end of the cartoon.

South Park Mac vs. PC


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