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In this area you can see all of the graphic design work I've posted about on this site. This area includes illustrations and designs which you can find in my various portfolios and web stores; excluding my freelance designs and other examples of my works in action.

Christmas Card Design

Christmas Card 2011

My latest Zazzle design is up and running over in my store front. Even though it is a little early it is my first Christmas card design for 2011 is now active.

Tomlinson's - Freelance


A couple months back I created a custom design for a pet supply chain down in Austin, TX called Tomlinson's. Here you can see the super hero pets that I created for their store. I didn't realize they were going to be as large of a part in the final design you see above; but I think they look great. And modesty is my best feature.

Headless Businessman

Headless Businessman

My latest illustration "Headless Businessman" was approved and is now available over on iStock. It's another of my creepy pen and ink designs.

Creepy Little Dolly

Creepy Little Dolly

My latest illustration "Creepy Little Dolly" was just approved and is now available for download over on iStock. It's another of my creepy illustrations created using pen and ink cross hatching and digital colorization.

Drinking Glasses

Drinking Glasses 1

Today I received a shipment of my own personalized drinking glasses for my home use. I ordered them from Discount Mugs a little over a week ago. The designs are dishwasher safe, UV safe, and very crisp and clean on the glasses. More importantly of the thirty-six glasses I ordered, all forty came undamaged. No that was not a mistype. Forty out of thirty-six arrived in perfect condition.

RedBubble Advertising

RedBubble Site Image

I was just informed my "Don't You Want a Hug!" creepy bear design was selected to be used as one of main site images on the visitor landing page starting September 19th... then a few second later someone purchased one of the the shirts over on the site. I guess advertising really does pay.

Creepy Bunny with Knife

Creepy Bunny

My latest illustration "Creepy Bunny with Knife" has been approved and is now available for download on on iStock. It's another of my creepy designs created in a pen and ink cross-hatch style, and digital colorization. Just be happy this was not your toy rabbit sitting in the back of your closet.

Friendship and Shoes

Friendship and Shoes

My latest design "Friendship and Shoes" is now available over in my Zazzle store front on various products like the shirt you see above. The idea is based tweet I posted a few days back. It was as simple idea: Like a good pair of shoes, a good friend is sometimes hard to find, so you need to hang on to them one you find one.

Creepy Cat Girl

Creepy Cat Girl Shirt 3

My latest Zazzle products are based upon one of my latest illustrations Creepy Cat Girl, and it is available over in my store front on various items such as the shirt you see above.

Creepy Cat Girl Illustration

Creepy Cat Girl

My latest illustration "Creepy Cat Girl" has been approved for download and is now available over in my iStock portfolio. It is the latest in my Halloween images and another of my creepy kids designs created using cross-hatching pen and ink design and digital colorization.


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