I'm Jeff Vader

A couple of years ago, after watching Eddie Izzard's "Circle" stand-up routine, I created a t-shirt with the "Hello my name is Jeff Vader I Run the Death Star" design that you see above. If you have never seen the routine you can rent the video from Netflix, or watch it over on YouTube, or the Lego version over there too.

For a couple of years I only sold the design on various Zazzle products, that is until November of 2009 when after selling a couple hundred items there was a request to have them all removed. I assumed that maybe someone from Eddie Izzard's camp had contacted Zazzle and ask to have them taken down. To my surprise it was not. It was actually someone from the George Lucas camp. That's right; they had Zazzle remove the designs because they in some way or another decided that everything, even parody or satire, that in any way, shape, or form that relates to one of their movies is theirs.

Part of the reason Zazzle complied of course was because there is a Star Wars store front on their site, and I am guessing it makes Zazzle a whole lot more money from that store front than mine does, so they were more than willing to do what they were asked to do. I can't really blame them for that.

Of course after the products were removed from there, I found there was still a demand for the design, and there were blog sites talking about the sudden disappearance of the items. So I decided since I have the original design, I would put it out on other sites and make the merchandise available once again.

In case anyone is wondering. Disney and CafePress has decided after 7 years and several hundred sales, that I can no longer use their store front for Jeff Vader either. Such is the way of the world.

Below you will find links to the various web sites that still offer the design. I tried to place the design on as many sites as possible to allow easiest choices for anyone looking to purchase one of the items. Some stores offer a larger selection of items than others, but that is something that I cannot control.

I'm Jeff Vader Store Fronts or Items

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My other designs based on the comedy stylings of the one and only Eddie Izzard. All of the characters and designs were created by me, but all of the phrases and ideas are directly based upon Eddie's work.

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