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Here you see can all of the posts for all areas on in one location, including my graphic designs, illustrations, freelance projects, places where my designs have shown up, my home improvement projects, and my various wood working projects and designs. Pretty much every thing I personally work on in one way or another.

How to Lose a Customer

Creepy Devil

There are certain moments where you come across a situation which is so ridiculous that you can't actually believe it happened. This is one of those moments.


Several years ago I opened an account with the University of Illinois Employee Credit Union. I always had money in the account, I was never overdrawn, and normally only used the account for trips, or the occasional purchase. Sometimes I went months without using the account. In a normal world this is no big deal.

Table Project - Gift

Gift Table 1

One of my more recent projects was a gift table. The whole project started with a few scrap pieces of wood leftover from some of my past projects. Each doweled and glued together.

Penguin With a Sign

Penguin With a Sign

My latest illustration "Penguin With a Sign" was just approved and is now available with my other designs over in my iStock portfolio. This happy little guy is ready for winter, and able to display any message you would like to display.

Oversized Coffee Table Project

Coffee Table Sketch

Sometimes you start with a simple sketch for something you might want to build. In this case I felt the need to make a bigger coffee for my living room, but at the same time I wanted it to be a little more detailed and creative than the simple ones that you can find in any furniture store.

Scrap Wood Project 2015

Tray Image  2

Sometimes when you are looking at your scrap wood pile an idea for something you can do with some of it. At least maybe I do. In this case you take a little glue, some clamp time, some trying time, and a lot of time with the sanders and sand paper.

Dark Pool Swimming School

Dark Pool Swimming School

My latest design "Dark Pool Swimming School" with is now available on a number of different products over in my Zazzle and Red Bubble store fronts. This design is based upon my Creepy Pool Boy illustration.

Creepy Pool Boy

Creepy Pool Boy

My latest illustration "Creepy Pool Boy" has just been approved, and is now available over in my iStock portfolio. This is another of my Creepy Kids illustrations created in a pen and ink style, and then digitally colored.

Love Bear 9

Love Bear 9

My latest illustration "Love Bear 9" was just approved, and is now available over in my iStock portfolio. Sometimes it takes a little smiling bear to show the world how you actually feel.

Ready to Grill

Ready to Grill

My latest design "Certified and Ready to Grill" is now up and running my my Zazzle store front. Sometimes you need to let everyone know you are ready to grill with the best of them.

Tailgate Gear

My latest design "Tailgate Gear" is up and running in my Zazzle store front, Sometimes you just need to make a design that speaks to you on a deeper level. Okay. So I came up with the idea while I was grilling yesterday.


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