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Here you can find various home projects I have worked on, or am working on. This can include remodeling, repainting, improvement projects, upgrades, or jobs that keep my idle hands at work.

Makeovers Continue

Bedroom 2

Just finished up redoing my last two bedrooms. Which is pretty much how I spent all weekend. The room above when I first moved into my home was decorated in kind of an undersea world view with fish and seaweed all over the wall. After I stripped everything out it looked like it did below.

Bedroom Makeover

Bedroom Makeover

This weekend to took some time to make over my bedroom like you see it above. New paint job, all new metal, curtains, fan, and everything.

English Ivy Removal Project

Vines 1

So, my backyard privacy fence is not in the best shape and I was looking to repair or repalce it, or at the bare minimum reseal it. The problem was that it was also largely covered in English Ivy. So I stripped most of the ivy off from the front and the back and realized that it had taken over all of the area behind the fence. It appears at some time in the past one of the previous owners had planted English Garden and tried to cover just the fence with ivy; But instead the ivy grew down hill and just covered everything in it's path and killed off pretty much all of the garden.

Grout Attack

Tiles 1

When I moved into my house the bathroom tiles in the shower were in great shape, and very cool 1950s decorative design. The grout on the other hand was rust stained pretty badly and in some areas needed repaired. This is a pretty common issue when the grout sealant wears away over time.

There were also some issues with the caulk, where it appeared over the years people had added new layers of caulk on top of layers that had mold on it. So kind of a water proofed mold and mildew line of caulk that was very resistant to cleaning.

Cable TV Distribution Center

Cable TV Setup Old

Certain parts of my house I set up a temporary configuration, with a plan to upgrade or update it down the road. My cable TV distribution area is one of those items. As you can see above, the cable is ran everywhere that it needs it to go, but it looks like science experiment that is not meant to actually work.

New Fridge

Old Fridge 1

So when I moved into my house I had a plan to change out my appliances with stainless steel ones. Knowing this would update the look and feel whole kitchen, and tie into all of my previous updates, and fit into my standardization of metals throughout the house.

Friday night my old refrigerator decided to help me out and go bad. It let me know this by leaving a nice big puddle on my kitchen floor. So a quick run to four or five different stores and I found one that not only fit into my opening, I liked the way that it looked, it had all of the features I was looking for, and incredibly it was also on sale for $250 off. So it made it easy to opt for the extended warranty. The down side was that it couldn't be delivered until Monday. So basically everything in my freezer was a write-off, but that is the way the cookie crumbles.

Gearing Up for this Year

Master Bedroom Fan

Right now I'm gearing up for this year's home improvement projects. This weekend I got a jump start by replacing the fan in my master bedroom with a little more modern looking one. The antique cherry blades on the fan go perfectly with the furniture I already have in the room, and I like the look and feel of the unit. It is by far the heaviest ceiling fan I've ever installed; (This baby weighed in at over 23 pounds) and it goes with my transition of changing the metals from random, to a nickel and stainless steel throughout the house.

Entry Way Doors

Front Door 1

Even though I claimed to be done with home improvement projects for the year, I decided to work on on one more that ties in with the work I have already worked on this year. So today I completely redid my front doorway. The previous owners had replaced the door, but they never actually painted it so it was still the off-white primer color they are when they come from the factory.

SiliconDust Networked TV

SiliconDust HDHomeRun 1

So I was looking for an easy way to watch TV on my home computer systems. There are a couple usual ways to do it. One is to use a TV as your monitor and flip back and forth between the television mode and the computer as you need too. The other way is to add a TV tuner card to each of your computers and watch the television through the computer. This is my preferred approach, but it can be a little costly since you need to install a card in each computer and run a cable TV connection run in each room you have a computer where you want to watch TV. While looking into the various cards that was out there I stumbled across the SiliconDust HDHomeRun.

Hallway Refreash Stage 2

Hallway Before

I finished stage two of my hallway refresh home improvement project a few days ago. After the initial painting of the space, and before I painted the trim, I kind of took a step back to look around at what I was working with and decided that was going to make some changes.


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