Dryer Circuit

With every home there are always a few things that need updating, replaced, repaired, and in some cases redesigned from scratch. One such thing was my laundry room dryer connection.

Dryer 1

The original fuse box was from the 70s which had one too many fuses burn out in it so that it was not longer serving it's purpose, and a dryer hook-up from the 60s that was broken and held together with a piece of thin wire. All of it attached to the wall with three screws and exposed wires running directly behind a sewage line. Not the best idea in the world.

So I started from scracth instead of trying to fix the current situation. First I installed a securely mounted electrical distribution box.

Dryer 2

Then I prepped and mounted a new fused switch-box this time with actual conduit just in case any moisture happened to be floating around in a laundry room.

Dryer 3

Then I set up and attached a new insulated and water resistant dryer outlet mounting it securely to the wall. Again running a piece of conduit between the switch-box and the outlet to provide a little protection between the electrical and the environment.

Dryer 4

Then I wired it from top to bottom with a new electrical line. Securely grounded and protected within the conduit.

Dryer 5

Inserted new fuses, and closed up the outlet and secured the cover on the outlet using actual screws and not a thin peice of wire.

Dryer 6

Cut the power to the original circuit and redirected the power feed to the electrical box above the new switch-box.

Dryer 7

Closed up the electrical box, removed all of the old outdated equipment and and threw them away and tested the new setup. Everything worked perfectly, and is a lot safer that the old set up; and it is a little less open to water damage than the old setup.

Dryer 8

At some point I am going to update the electrical for the washing machine. But that is another project.

And in case anyone is wondering, yes, everything worked perfectly the first time.