Entry Way Update

I realized after I completed this project that I didn't have a real good image of what was there before; but imagine if you can, a rusty, white metal and yellowed plastic fake Victorian wall sconce covered in dust and bird droppings, a rusty scratched banged up mailbox, and between them an old wooden number "2" suffering from dry rot and rusted screws holding it together, and to the wall itself. That was what could be found on the wall by my front door when I moved in and for the past year. They had all reached the point where I either had to tear it all down, and repaint, and repair everything the best that I could, and then put it back up, or replace the whole lot.

I opted to replace and update the whole thing.

Door Light

The rusty white mess of a front light has now been replaced by a little more modern stainless steel one, with actual glass inserts so they should not yellow, at least not right away.


The small rusty and white old mailbox has been updated by a nice large more stylish stainless steel one. Before mounting the box to the wall I opted to add a large cast aluminum enamel baked house number on the front of it. Instead of using the screws that came with the letters to mount it, I opted to use aluminum pop-rivets to hold it in place. One, so it would be less likely to rust (at least not right away), and I didn't want to deal with something inside the mailbox that would scratch my hand everything I grabbed my mail out of it.

Door Set - Together

Here it is after cleaning up the area and finishing up just before a thunderstorm rolled in. Overall I think the two items go together quite well and really helps to update the look and feel of the front entryway. Of course now I need to repaint the door trim. Does the work ever end?

Next project: the thermostat(s)