New Range Hood

When I first moved into my home there were several little issues that needed worked on, and a few things that were missing or had been removed by the previous owners that needed replaced. One of these items was the noticeably missing range hood in the kitchen. Looking at the layout of the cabinets it was fairly obvious there was one there at some point in the past, and someone felt it was a good idea to remove it, and not replace it.


So after looking around a little I was able to locate a rangehood with the correct size and and design for my kitchen, and the appearance and material which fits in well with previous updates I have made; and will work well with future planned updates.

The first hurdle I had to work on was that at some point in the past someone walled over and re-tiled the former electric feeds for the old range hood. The upside is they actually removed the wires instead of leaving them just dangling in the wall. So I fished in a new run, and connected it to same electric feed used my the stove and the utility fan in the wall. The next hurdle was adding a new support system under the cabinet to hang the range hood from.

Then, I pre-measured the mounting hole locations, and drilled the holes that would be necessary to hang the hood. I configured the new range hood for my kitchen setup. Hung the hood, pulled the wires through the access plate, connected and grounded the electrical connection in the new hood. Assembled all the covers and screwed in the light-bulbs and pushed the stove back into place, turned the breaker back on for the kitchen power connections. Tested the new hood features out and everything worked perfectly the first time.

Rangehood in Place

Then added a little stainless steel polish and finish and put my tools away.

Rangehood in Place

Rangehood in Place