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Here you can find various home projects I have worked on, or am working on. This can include remodeling, repainting, improvement projects, upgrades, or jobs that keep my idle hands at work.

Hallway Refreash

Hallway Repainting 1

So, it's been awhile, but I worked on a new home improvement project today. I am not a bog fan of beige paint to being with when it comes to house paint and rooms in my home.

Living Room Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fan Original 1

When I moved into my house I didn't really like the ceiling fans in the living room. Neither the style or the color of the fans themselves. They were a little too old fashioned for my taste, I didn't like the gold finish, and the faux wood slats were just way too plastic looking for me. Then after I repainted the living room I liked them even less.

Living Room Refresh

Living Room Before 1

When I moved into my home the living room color was a little too dark for my liking, and I wasn't necessarily a big fan of that shade of green for a living room. But like the rest of the home I put up with it until I was certain of the color that I wanted.

Kitchen Refresh

Kitchen Before

When I moved into my house the kitchen was painted... well... um. You know when people saying they were going for "Tuscan Style" or "French Country" on home improvement shows. Well I think that was what the previous owners were going for, but they missed. What you see in the first two images is after I removed a wallpaper border that covered the checkered green paint, and installed new lighting, and fan and cabinet hardware, and plumbing, and blinds.

Removing an Outlet

If you own a home, or rent a home and want to make sure you can get your security deposit back, at some point there will come a time when you need to make repairs and/or alterations to drywall. In my case, the previous owners had a habit of adding telephone and cable TV connections all over the place and not removing the ones they were no longer using.

Original Outlet

Bathroom Refresh

When I first moved into my home I held off repainting the interior until I was sure what I was looking for color-wise, so I didn't end up repainting the place again and again. Besides the former owners had repainted the place when they put it on the market.

My bathroom was a nice refreshing lavendar. About as far as I wanted as a color for my bathroom.

Bathroom Before

Trim It

House Day 1

My latest home improvement project was something that I put off until I was ready to seriously take my time and do it right. When I first moved into my house it was obvious the previous owners had stopped maintaining the bushes and and plant life around the house beyond mowing the lawn.  It may not have been that long, but it was reaching the point where the bushes were no longer helping the appearance of house, but actually hurting.

Thermostat(s) Replacement

When I first moved into my house about a year ago, for a place this size I thought it was odd it had two thermostats, especially since they were only about 10 feet away from each other.

Original Thermostats

I guessed correctly before even speaking with the former owners that one was for the heater, and the other was for the AC. Part of the reason for this was because when it house was built it did not have air conditioning. So about 15-20 years ago they added a central air system to house in addition to the boiler based base board heating system that was installed when the house was built. So the heating and cooling systems are on completely separate systems. At the time they did the upgrade it appears they installed a couple of digital thermostats.

Entry Way Update

I realized after I completed this project that I didn't have a real good image of what was there before; but imagine if you can, a rusty, white metal and yellowed plastic fake Victorian wall sconce covered in dust and bird droppings, a rusty scratched banged up mailbox, and between them an old wooden number "2" suffering from dry rot and rusted screws holding it together, and to the wall itself. That was what could be found on the wall by my front door when I moved in and for the past year. They had all reached the point where I either had to tear it all down, and repaint, and repair everything the best that I could, and then put it back up, or replace the whole lot.

I opted to replace and update the whole thing.

Door Light

Garage Rewiring

Since I upgraded the fuse-box on my dryer circuit in my basement, I figured I would take a look at the other fuse-box in my garage. What I found was even worse than my dryer fuse-box.

Garage 1

It looks like the fuse-box was borrowed from another location, since it is noticeably older than the garage itself, it also looks like it had been exposed to water and started rusting. I am wondering if this was the fuse-box that was originally in the laundry room; and if you look closely it seems that over the years they have kept tacking new wiring and adding outlets all over the garage without rhyme or reason.


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