Home Projects

Here you can find various home projects I have worked on, or am working on. This can include remodeling, repainting, improvement projects, upgrades, or jobs that keep my idle hands at work.

Dryer Circuit

With every home there are always a few things that need updating, replaced, repaired, and in some cases redesigned from scratch. One such thing was my laundry room dryer connection.

Dryer 1

TV Replacement

A few weeks ago I decided it was time to upgrade my living room TV because my old one was, well it was umm, well because I wanted to, stop looking at me that way; But this entry has noting to do with my new TV, this post is all about what I did with my old one. Since there really wasn't anything wrong with the old TV, it was relocated to my basement fitness area. To be more specific, it ended up on my fitness area wall.

TV 1

New Range Hood

When I first moved into my home there were several little issues that needed worked on, and a few things that were missing or had been removed by the previous owners that needed replaced. One of these items was the noticeably missing range hood in the kitchen. Looking at the layout of the cabinets it was fairly obvious there was one there at some point in the past, and someone felt it was a good idea to remove it, and not replace it.



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