Grout Attack

Tiles 1

When I moved into my house the bathroom tiles in the shower were in great shape, and very cool 1950s decorative design. The grout on the other hand was rust stained pretty badly and in some areas needed repaired. This is a pretty common issue when the grout sealant wears away over time.

There were also some issues with the caulk, where it appeared over the years people had added new layers of caulk on top of layers that had mold on it. So kind of a water proofed mold and mildew line of caulk that was very resistant to cleaning.

Bathroom Refresh

When I first moved into my home I held off repainting the interior until I was sure what I was looking for color-wise, so I didn't end up repainting the place again and again. Besides the former owners had repainted the place when they put it on the market.

My bathroom was a nice refreshing lavendar. About as far as I wanted as a color for my bathroom.

Bathroom Before

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