A Room with a View

A Room with a ViewMy latest Zazzle design "A Room with a View" is now available over in my store front.



My latest design "Tie-Grrr" is now up and running and available on several different items over in my Zazzle store. The design itself is based on a bit in the latest Eddie Izzard stand-up tour explaining how Giraffes have no way to communicate other than coughing.

Christmas Card Design

Christmas Card 2011

My latest Zazzle design is up and running over in my store front. Even though it is a little early it is my first Christmas card design for 2011 is now active.



Yesterday while was walking around campus I was noticing a large number of shirts worn by the students are just acronyms for something that people may or may not have any idea what they mean. This of course made my current design idea pop into my head, and last night I turned it into my latest Zazzle design - RLOAS - Random Letters On A Shirt.

The Man Cave Forum

The Man Cave Forum

So my latest freelance job, for The Man Cave Forum which I finished up the other day, is now visible over on their web site. For them I created the three cavemen you see above and on their site, and each one is based one the hosts of the pod-casts.

Hometown Surprise

Kewanee Motor Lodge   Starlight Drive-In

So I was driving to my home town and noticed something that looked very familiar on one of the billboards heading into town. The Kewanee Motor Lodge is using my Starlight Drive-In Theater illustration as part of their marketing campaign. If you look closely at the billboard you can see how they used every single element of my illustration in one way or another in the the layout of their ad.

Pirate Design

TreasureNet Shirt

Just finished up a freelance job I mentioned earlier for They were looking for a specific pirate character to use on shirts and other marketing materials. The items will be available for sale over there soon so feel free to drop by their site and pick up a few things to help support them.

TreasureNet 1

A couple years ago I created a set of custom avatars, no not like in the movie Avatar, for use in member profiles on In this case the avatars can be used as a visual representation of yourself while you use their site. Actually I guess it is kind of like the movie.

Scholastic News - Word Wizard

Word Wizard

Scholastic News is using my Wizard with Wand illustration in all of their issues as part of the Word Wizard Crossword puzzle.

L'éveil du dragon

L'eveil du Dragon

My Chinese Currency photo from over on iStock was used in the cover art for the book "L'éveil du dragon." It can be seen in the lower right hand corner of the design.


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