Napkin and Chopstick Holder

Napkin Holder

Occasionally I create something just for the fun of it, and to see if I can make something functional and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. In this case it is a napkin holder, that serves the additional purpose of a chopstick storage and dispenser.

Kitchen Refresh

Kitchen Before

When I moved into my house the kitchen was painted... well... um. You know when people saying they were going for "Tuscan Style" or "French Country" on home improvement shows. Well I think that was what the previous owners were going for, but they missed. What you see in the first two images is after I removed a wallpaper border that covered the checkered green paint, and installed new lighting, and fan and cabinet hardware, and plumbing, and blinds.

New Range Hood

When I first moved into my home there were several little issues that needed worked on, and a few things that were missing or had been removed by the previous owners that needed replaced. One of these items was the noticeably missing range hood in the kitchen. Looking at the layout of the cabinets it was fairly obvious there was one there at some point in the past, and someone felt it was a good idea to remove it, and not replace it.


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