Wooden Box Project 2

Woodwn Box 2

Sometimes after you create one project you find yourself finding a need to build a similar project for yourself, and you feel it's not right to take ownership of an item that you were purposefully building for someone else. *laughter* So I decided that I should just make another one instead.

Wooden Box Project 1

Woodwn Box 1

Sometimes you have an idea that you need to roll forward with just because you have some extra wood, and you wanted to make something nice for your lady. That is the case with this wooden box project.

Shot Flights

Sometimes you have to make something for yourself to fill a need, and be stylish at the same time. In this case I was looking to create storage for shot glasses that could also work as a way to serve drinks too. That was the genesis of the shot glass flights.

Scrap Piece Candle Holder

Scrap candle holder

Sometimes when you walk by your scrap pile you notice a piece of wood that is just begging for you to do something with it. That was the genesis of this little guy. It was a left over scrap from a cutting board that I made a few months back.

Scrap Wood Tray

Scrap Wood Tray

Sometimes a project is a result of an idle mind, sometimes it's to see if I can stretch a bunch of wood scraps. In the case of this tray it was to see what I could do with some leftover maple, some oak dowels, and some 2" pine stock.

Nightstand Project #2

Nightstand Project #2

This is a nightstand I created for my girlfriend. It was designed to replace an old outdated table she had, and to give her some additional storage in her room.

Butcher Block Final

BBlock Final 1

Here is the finished design of the butcher block, incorporating the top which was shown in my previous project posting. Above you can see the 140 pounds of blood, sweat, and tears... and lumber which has finally ended up in my kitchen.

Bookcase Project - Part One

Book Case Original

Twelve years ago I built my entertainment center, a couple of tables, and the bookcase you see above. All of them were created in the same style and finish and they were all I needed in my living room back then. When I moved into my new house I realized it would make more sense to have matching bookcases on the left and right side of my entertainment center.

Living Room Refresh

Living Room Before 1

When I moved into my home the living room color was a little too dark for my liking, and I wasn't necessarily a big fan of that shade of green for a living room. But like the rest of the home I put up with it until I was certain of the color that I wanted.

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