Scrap Piece Candle Holder

Scrap candle holder

Sometimes when you walk by your scrap pile you notice a piece of wood that is just begging for you to do something with it. That was the genesis of this little guy. It was a left over scrap from a cutting board that I made a few months back.

Scrap Wood Tray

Scrap Wood Tray

Sometimes a project is a result of an idle mind, sometimes it's to see if I can stretch a bunch of wood scraps. In the case of this tray it was to see what I could do with some leftover maple, some oak dowels, and some 2" pine stock.

Scrap Wood Transition Project

Scrap 1

When you do wood working projects, no matter who you are, you always end up with either a pile or a container of scrap odds and ends pieces of wood. The question is what do you do with them? Some go to the burn pile, some are destined for something better.

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