Scrap Wood Project 2015

Tray Image  2

Sometimes when you are looking at your scrap wood pile an idea for something you can do with some of it. At least maybe I do. In this case you take a little glue, some clamp time, some trying time, and a lot of time with the sanders and sand paper.

Tray Image 3

And this is the outcome. But what can you use it for?

Tray Image 4

How about this? Or pretty much anything else you move around on a small coffee tray.

Tray Image 5

But I was feeling it looked a little too clean and new, and needed a little bit of texture. So and decided to antique it out a little bit to give it a worn look, while still being in perfect shape.

Tray Image 6

Then it was time to add a nice satin poly finish on it. So it is protected and will help it last a bit through normal usuage.

Tray Image 1

In the end it is a highly functional piece, from what was at one time a pile of scrap wood.