Table Project - Gift

Gift Table 1

One of my more recent projects was a gift table. The whole project started with a few scrap pieces of wood leftover from some of my past projects. Each doweled and glued together.

Gift Table 2

Following the same repetitive pattern I kept building the surface outward.

Gift Table 3

Slowly but surely, a layer at a time the surface expanded outward from the the original 8" block.

Gift Table 4

At the same time I was separately creating and building the base for the table top. Something stable, and aesthetically pleasing, yet strong enough to hold the top and everything that will be placed on it down the road.

Gift Table 5

The final design for the table top ended up being 32" x 32" and above you can see the way the top looks after the first rough sanding.

Gift Table 6

Above is a rough fit of the top and the bottom after adding the finished edge on the table top. From here it was time to move on to the final sanding and applying the finish to the table.

Gift Table 7

Above is the way the top looked right after applying the second layer of epoxy glaze coat. The surface is now very durable, and pretty much water proof.

Gift Table 8

The last was to deliver it to the intended recipient of the table for final assembly and placement in the house. As you can see above, it looks like the table was designed for it's final placement; that's because it was.