Work in Action

This area gives you a look at different freelance projects I have worked on, and other examples of my work in action in various forms.


A couple weeks ago I did some work for a web company that is still currently in beta but soon to go live called The work for them included designing their logo and the main character used throughout their website and service. Soon the site will be in full production, but feel free to stop over and see what they will be offering.

Dog Food Advisor

Dog Food Advisor

One of my recent freelance jobs is for the ratings symbol on the site The puppy and young man both wearing glasses work to advise you on dog foods to use and ones to avoid.

Pirate Design

TreasureNet Shirt

Just finished up a freelance job I mentioned earlier for They were looking for a specific pirate character to use on shirts and other marketing materials. The items will be available for sale over there soon so feel free to drop by their site and pick up a few things to help support them.

TreasureNet 1

A couple years ago I created a set of custom avatars, no not like in the movie Avatar, for use in member profiles on In this case the avatars can be used as a visual representation of yourself while you use their site. Actually I guess it is kind of like the movie.

I'm a Wizkid

Wizkid Yellow Puppy

Actually I am not so much a Wizkid, but my Puppy Love with Heart illustration was used in the February 2009 Wizkid issue on page 77. You can see the magazine via the link I just listed.

I'm in Forbes

LaFayette, Indiana

Okay, so it is less that I am actually in Forbes, but they did use one of my photos of LaFayette, Indiana that they downloaded from my iStock portfolio for one of their articles "Best Small Places For Business And Careers" on the city which you can find on their website.

Animal Friendly

Animal Voices  New Years Dog

The website Animal Voices used my "New Years Puppy" illustration on their resolution page. It is always fun to see one of your images being used.

Coffee Anyone?

Coffee Banner

Some of you may have seen my work, or even used my work without realizing it. Several years back I submitted a theme design to a Six Apart contest and it was one of ten picked to become a featured theme on a couple of their product lines. Including but not limited to the Live Journal and VOX blogging sites.

Naughty Boy On Television

Naughty Boy Tech Support

So my "Naughty Boy Tech Support" poster is going to play a major role in the Universal Television's NBC show Parenthood. The poster itself will probably change the course of the series, television, and maybe history itself. Okay, probably not. But I did just submit a release to the show's production company for the poster, and it may or may not appear in an up-coming episode, or episodes, of the show. But they did secure the rights to use it on the show just in case.

Zazzle - Contest Winner

Rabid Squirrel Kung Fu

Back in September of 2007 was running a monthly design contest that paid a nice little cash prize. After about five months they stopped running the contests because there were a lot of bruised egos and it seemed like the same people entered every month, so it ended up being less of a contest and more of a flame war. Which was too bad because it was a great idea as a way to give something back to Zazzle store owners.


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