Work in Action

This area gives you a look at different freelance projects I have worked on, and other examples of my work in action in various forms.

Sports Honcho

Sport Honcho

Another freelance job of mine for a website/blog called Sports Honcho. For this site I created the superhero guy front and center on the page.

Scholastic News - Word Wizard

Word Wizard

Scholastic News is using my Wizard with Wand illustration in all of their issues as part of the Word Wizard Crossword puzzle.

L'éveil du dragon

L'eveil du Dragon

My Chinese Currency photo from over on iStock was used in the cover art for the book "L'éveil du dragon." It can be seen in the lower right hand corner of the design.

Hey! You Aren't the Boss of Me!


My Baseball Kid, my Happy Monkey, my Abe Lincoln, and one of my puppy illustrations available over on iStock were all used in "Hey! You Aren't the Boss of Me!"

The One Year Did You Know Devotions 2

Did You Know

My Eskimo Family illustration available over on iStock was used in "The One Year Did You Know Devotions 2" book.

Ward Eleven

Whelschair Girl

A freelance job that I worked on about a year ago is now up and running. It is The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital Ward Eleven in the UK's web site. All of the characters on the site were ceated by me as part of the job.

High School Reunion Comedy Tour


One of my more recent freelance jobs was to work up a couple of characters for the High School Reunion Comedy Tour, which is scheduled to start touring this May.

LoLo Likes It!

My "Carpe Penis" shirt that I created over on was featured over on the LoLo Likes It website. It's always cool to see when someone else likes your work.

Coupon Sherpa

Coupn Sherpa

One of of my freelance designs finally surfaced in the form of a free iPhone application called Coupon Sherpa. The background wallpaper and the main character were both designed by me for a freelance job. If you have an iPhone you can download it and see my work in action. At this time it is a free application.


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