Phone Speaker Box

Speaker Box

Sometimes you have a little scrap wood laying around, and you are looking for something to do with it. In this case it's going to go into a cell phone amplification box. Just drop the phone into the slot in the top and it will passively amplify the audio coming out of it.

Glue and clamps

The first stage was as with many projects, putting some wood, some glue, and some wood clamps into play... and of course time for drying.

Assembly time

The next stage is where a little math kicks in. There is a need to make sure the box is deep enough for the audio to reflect and expand, and the holes are big enough to allow the amplified sound to come out without reflecting it back inside. It's also time to make sure that you glue it together with no air gaps to get the full effect.

Test Run

Sometimes you cannot wait for the finished project to give it a test run. Fortunately I had set the clamps in such a way that the slot in the top was fully accessible to insert the cell phone for testing.

Routed and Refined

Of course the final design needed to be a little more refined than just a rough edged square box. A few quick passes all around with a router and a rollover bit and it looks a lot more finished.A little sanding, and a few coats of polyurethane; add some time to dry and this little guy is done and ready to go.