Thermostat(s) Replacement

When I first moved into my house about a year ago, for a place this size I thought it was odd it had two thermostats, especially since they were only about 10 feet away from each other.

Original Thermostats

I guessed correctly before even speaking with the former owners that one was for the heater, and the other was for the AC. Part of the reason for this was because when it house was built it did not have air conditioning. So about 15-20 years ago they added a central air system to house in addition to the boiler based base board heating system that was installed when the house was built. So the heating and cooling systems are on completely separate systems. At the time they did the upgrade it appears they installed a couple of digital thermostats.

Entry Way Update

I realized after I completed this project that I didn't have a real good image of what was there before; but imagine if you can, a rusty, white metal and yellowed plastic fake Victorian wall sconce covered in dust and bird droppings, a rusty scratched banged up mailbox, and between them an old wooden number "2" suffering from dry rot and rusted screws holding it together, and to the wall itself. That was what could be found on the wall by my front door when I moved in and for the past year. They had all reached the point where I either had to tear it all down, and repaint, and repair everything the best that I could, and then put it back up, or replace the whole lot.

I opted to replace and update the whole thing.

Door Light

Garage Rewiring

Since I upgraded the fuse-box on my dryer circuit in my basement, I figured I would take a look at the other fuse-box in my garage. What I found was even worse than my dryer fuse-box.

Garage 1

It looks like the fuse-box was borrowed from another location, since it is noticeably older than the garage itself, it also looks like it had been exposed to water and started rusting. I am wondering if this was the fuse-box that was originally in the laundry room; and if you look closely it seems that over the years they have kept tacking new wiring and adding outlets all over the garage without rhyme or reason.

I'm a Wizkid

Wizkid Yellow Puppy

Actually I am not so much a Wizkid, but my Puppy Love with Heart illustration was used in the February 2009 Wizkid issue on page 77. You can see the magazine via the link I just listed.

I'm in Forbes

LaFayette, Indiana

Okay, so it is less that I am actually in Forbes, but they did use one of my photos of LaFayette, Indiana that they downloaded from my iStock portfolio for one of their articles "Best Small Places For Business And Careers" on the city which you can find on their website.

Dryer Circuit

With every home there are always a few things that need updating, replaced, repaired, and in some cases redesigned from scratch. One such thing was my laundry room dryer connection.

Dryer 1

TV Replacement

A few weeks ago I decided it was time to upgrade my living room TV because my old one was, well it was umm, well because I wanted to, stop looking at me that way; But this entry has noting to do with my new TV, this post is all about what I did with my old one. Since there really wasn't anything wrong with the old TV, it was relocated to my basement fitness area. To be more specific, it ended up on my fitness area wall.

TV 1

Animal Friendly

Animal Voices  New Years Dog

The website Animal Voices used my "New Years Puppy" illustration on their resolution page. It is always fun to see one of your images being used.

New Range Hood

When I first moved into my home there were several little issues that needed worked on, and a few things that were missing or had been removed by the previous owners that needed replaced. One of these items was the noticeably missing range hood in the kitchen. Looking at the layout of the cabinets it was fairly obvious there was one there at some point in the past, and someone felt it was a good idea to remove it, and not replace it.


Coffee Anyone?

Coffee Banner

Some of you may have seen my work, or even used my work without realizing it. Several years back I submitted a theme design to a Six Apart contest and it was one of ten picked to become a featured theme on a couple of their product lines. Including but not limited to the Live Journal and VOX blogging sites.


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