Dr Williams?

Just happened: A guy walked in my office with a small box and says:
Guy: Can I leave this here for Dr Williams?
Me: I don't know Dr Williams.
Guy: For Doc-tor-Will-iams
Me: I don't know Dr Williams
Guy: He's a professor.
Me: I don't know him.
Guy: Dr Williams.
Me: No, I don't know him.
Guy: Are you sure?
Me: Never heard of him.
Guy: I thought this was his office?
Me: No, but it is my office.
Guy looks at the name on the door.
Guy: Do you know where Dr Williams office is?

Mac, PC, They both suck.

So between re-uploading 600 graphic files and their previews (I have about 275 left to go) on iStock, the need to post something to make me laugh; here is a video post based on a link sent to me by one of my co-workers. Basically it is a Mac vs PC parody done in the style of South Park making fun of both platforms; I like how they both crash by the end of the cartoon.

South Park Mac vs. PC


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