In this area you can see all of the woodworking I've posted about on this site. This area includes only projects and items I have designed, created, refined and built from scratch. What you will not find are posts of kits I have purchased or acquired and assembled.

Butcher Block Top - Project

Butcher Top 1

The latest project I'm working on is only about 1/3 of the way done, but I figured it was worth showing the process it took to get to where I am. Above you can see a small portion of the twenty-four 1" x 2" x 96" slats of wood that I started with.

Scrap Wood Transition Project

Scrap 1

When you do wood working projects, no matter who you are, you always end up with either a pile or a container of scrap odds and ends pieces of wood. The question is what do you do with them? Some go to the burn pile, some are destined for something better.

Bookcase Project - Part Two

Book Case Slats

Above you can see a photo of where I left off from the first post; The assembled, unfinished book case that matches the one I made twelve years ago.

Bookcase Project - Part One

Book Case Original

Twelve years ago I built my entertainment center, a couple of tables, and the bookcase you see above. All of them were created in the same style and finish and they were all I needed in my living room back then. When I moved into my new house I realized it would make more sense to have matching bookcases on the left and right side of my entertainment center.

Chair Refinishing Project

Chair Finish 1

So to follow up on yesterday's post where I stripped down a second hand chair. Today we will see what I did with it after it was stripped. What you see above was how the chair looked after a few more hours of sanding, and a little bit of manual distressing of the wood.

Chair Stripping Project

Chair 1

Sometimes you need to do something and you just keep putting it off until the right time. A couple of years ago I purchased the chair you see above from an Amish second hand furniture store. If I remember right I think I dropped about five dollars on it. The plan for the chair was to be a clothing catch in my bedroom. Which it has been used for, but it really was in no condition to be a presentable piece of furniture.


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